Practice Date Coaching


The purpose of the Practice Date is to give the client, a real-world example of a safe, fun & compelling date, while improving her dating skills. The Practice Date is beneficial in that it allows our client to relax and enjoy herself, in a comfortable dating atmosphere that replicates all the aspects of a "real" date. The Practice Dating Coach and the client meet up, at a predetermined, public place. They greet each other, and proceed to coffee, drinks, a walk, etc. just like any other date. The date will garner a plethora of very useful information about the current strengths and weaknesses of the client, in the dating realm. This is a great tool for self-improvement and understanding of the modern dating world.

Prices and Options:

Virtual - 2 hours

In-person - 2 hours, includes expenses (drinks, food)


Brooklyn Taylor is our resident Practice Date coach.