Online Date Coaching

Let’s face the facts – these days, one third of all U.S. marriages are starting online through dating apps and websites. Our agency prides itself on finding innovative ways to meet the needs of our clients, and with the ever-changing climate of online dating. We’ve been experimenting with a few different products, and we finally found one that we are truly excited about that we know will bring value to you and give you the online dating results you deserve.

Our brand new product is an Online Dating Makeover, which is comprised of an intensive 6-week coaching bootcamp for clients looking to improve their results with online dating. You will work with our team of experts to:

  • Identify which dating apps are best for your relationship goals
  • Learn industry trends and dating secrets based on research from each dating site
  • Take and upload pictures that will increase your favorability on dating sites
  • Create profiles that effectively speak to your personality type and core values
  • Sift through profiles to determine your best match based on personality type, core values and non starters
  • Communicate effectively and strategically with matches to yield the best results toward long term romantic connections

and much more!

If you’re looking to up your game when it comes to online dating, this course is a must. Each participant will be assigned to a matchmaker/coach on our team, and they will be guaranteed at least 8 matches identified online by the end of the bootcamp. Our coaches will assist in managing your profiles based on our proven core model and provide you with feedback to make quality introductions that lead to life long romantic connections. You will receive individualized coaching for 6 weeks with a certified matchmaker/coach for only $697. Sign up here today!

Intensive Online Dating Process:

You and your Matchmaker Coach will identify dating site/app, and your matchmaker coach will create your profile and will post with your approval. Your coach will share online dating techniques and with your permission respond/reach out to potential matches to initiate dialogue, this process is called Fishing. Your coach/matchmaker will cast the rod (engage potential matches through a few brief lines), get them on the hook (have them to respond to the point of wanting your number or giving theirs), and check in for your approval to "reel" them in (move forward with the exchange). This process is done intensively for about 7-10 days, as it requires you and your matchmaker coach to really communicate daily by text/email to move the process along.